How They Got Started

Dc And Hooks also known as Dylan Mamid and Zach Rapp-Rovan make up EDM group named Zeds Dead. The two have been producing music together since early 2004 and have been a hit in there genre of electro house, hip hop, glitch and drum and bass into a larger platform called dub step. The are popularly know right now for there songs intoxicated and collapse 2.0 which hits the charts at top 10. To this day they still offer free downloads to most of there songs as they did when the released there first song “journey of a lifetime” which was released as a free download in June of 2009.

The work of djs is simply to keep there audience happy and the do this by creating new track or just altering old ones to bring them back to life again. An example of this would be their “jambalaya” mix where they incorporate a hand full of songs and blends them together to create a long good sounding track that can be listened to for hours. Other then on the internet you can find them all over the world doing live shows at EDM festivals such as Veld(Toronto) and Ultra(Miami). The classic calling card for them is the “Zeds Up” as shown in the photo. This wraps up on how the two got started in this business. Next we will be describing how hooks got started. See you then hooks


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