All About EDM

E.D.M stands for Electronic Dance Music. Electronic Dance Music is a unique and acquired sound that is mostly played as party music or at raves to get goers excited and to get them pumped up and happy. Electronic Dance Music is played (at a rave) by a person called a “DJ” who mixes music as well as enjoying it with fans during raves or concert. A rave is like a concert but its mostly a light show, many people who go to raves dress up in very bright coloured outfits with matching coloured accessories for the event. These clothes generally try to match the vibe of the rave. A rave or event can also last an entire weekend or even a few days depending on the DJ or artist playing the Electronic Dance Music. Electronic Dance Music is generally created by computer with many builds and a lot of background base music. A few artist that create and play Electronic Dance Music include; Deadmau5, Tiesto, Zeds Dead, Steve Aoki, Knife party, Kascade, and Skrillex.
Electronic Dance Music is all about good vibes and happy energy, having fun with friends and goofy outfits this is why I enjoy it so much.
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about my favourite music genre, Electronic Dance Music

Avery Hansen.


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