How to Be a Good DJ Part 1

The background of the art of DJing and how it became to be so popular

Back in the day, the idea of putting your hands on a vinyl record was practically sacrilegious. But early DJs like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Grand Wizard Theodore pioneered the techniques we now take for granted and got party crowds moving with their artistry. Break beats, scratching, looping, and punch phrasing are the skills of the DJ, and you can learn to get started if you want to participate in disc-jockey culture. Learn what equipment and basic skills you’ll need to develop, as well as how to build your fan base and experience into a potential career.

How to start

First things first u will need some equipment if you wish to peruse this field of work. first you are going to need some type of mixing software on a computer or laptop. Virtual DJ and Tracktor are two popular software’s for beginners. You will also need a DJ controller (most have 2 jog wheel, track volume knobs and a master volume). You will also need speakers and amp to run them so you can project you sounds to a good bass level. To give your set more of a pop you can also have lights , most popular is the strobe light almost every professional DJ has them. Last but not least you are also going to need a good bank of good quality songs downloaded , the American top 40 is a good place to find all the current popular track.

Now that should be enough to get you started , stay tuned when I describe how to properly mix songs together to make a fantastic sounding mix.  Be a DJ Step 3

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