How to be a Good DJ Part 2

Welcome back. Now that you have your equipment its time to learn home to use it to mix and blend different song to make a good sounding club track. Frist thing your going to want to do is have an idea of what type of style suits yourself. there are lots of styles some of my favourite that suit me are Drum and Bass and Trap.

Drum and bass is typically defined as very loud bass hits and rapid drum beats. You will find this type mostly a large events like Digital Dreams and Veld.

Trap is the type you may be familiar with this is a type of music where they play a very catchy beat over and over again and typically gets stuck in your head. Typically heard at night clubs and party’s.

It is good to combine them both if possible because if some one likes your first beat they will be more likely to listen and remember more. also you set should include similar sounds to make transitions more smooth to almost make it appear that the song never changed. you can do this by allowing the next beat to loop into the first track so your listener is already having the beat in their head and confusing their mind to believe it to be the some. This can also be achieved by voice over from your self over a constant beat. NEVER VOICE OVER SONG LRYICS! You will loose the interest of the audience if it happens to be a song they like.

That’s all the time I have for this segment but next time we will get into how to se and set up your programs so the work best for you. Hope you enjoy see you next time!

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