Top Three Dj Controllers

Faderfox UC3

Perhaps one of the smallest yet most versatile DJ controllers; the Faderfox UC3 features eight faders and eight push encoders. These are tied together with a cross fader that can be used to control anything from DJ software, DAWs or even lighting software. It’s a third generation controller made from the German company Faderfox, and this latest incarnation of their versatile range is a USB powered unit with iPad compatibility via Apple’s camera connection kit. The unit weighs in at a feather like 350g, but is built with tough black plastic and a sturdy metal face plate that make it ideal for DJs that need a small controller, but one hardy enough to survive being thrown from plane to hotel, to club and back again week in, week out.

Reloop Terminal Mix 4

Terminal Mix 4 is the first control surface that has been designed in partnership with Serato DJ Intro software. It features two flat jog wheels that can be operated in pitch bend mode, vinyl scratch mode and search mode for quickly skipping through your audio. The mixer section features four programme channels with faders that include three band EQ, filter, gain and cue assign buttons, all underlined by a single cross fader. With extended browsing capabilities it is now possible to find your audio in almost any location and load it onto the deck of your choice without the need to reach for your mouse.

Novation Twitch

The Twitch from Novation is a two channel, four deck control surface that has been designed to render full mastery of Serato’s ITCH software. There are also some other surprises on this unit; although there are the standard controls including a mixer section with two programme channels and a cross fader, cue and transport buttons as well as controls for looping and effects, there are no jog wheels. Instead Novation have opted to incorporate touch strip technology to allow you to manipulate your audio. It’s a very different concept that allows you to grab, pinch, nudge, tap and swipe your audio in a unique manner.


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